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Media Central booked a nine person crew with equipment to record interviews and b-roll at the Game Of Thrones Live Concert Experience at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin. We shot using two Arri Alexa Minis, one on a DJ Ronin gimbal, recording conductor and musician interviews and concert highlights. The end client was the concert tour organizer Live Nation Entertainment.




We provided a cameraman, audio tech and producer to Colorado based The Crew Connection for a two-day corporate shoot in Berlin. We shot with the trusty Canon C300, recording client testimonials in front of a green screen.




2018 saw the return of the documentary production Remember Ravensbrück to Germany. We supplied personnel and equipment for four days of prep and two days of shooting for an ongoing documentary tentatively titled "The Rabbits of Ravensbrück", providing a DP and assistant, line producer, field producer, audio tech, and grip, shooting on 4K with the Arri Amira.





Phoenix, Arizona-based Crew Company commissioned a DP, a second Cam Op and Audio Techician for a two-camera interview shoot with the Danish singer and actress Gitte Haenning as part of an upcoming documentary. We shot on 4K using two FS7 cameras.




We provide a fixer and casting member for a two day shoot in Berlin at the tourist attraction "Little Big City".




The South Korean cable channel ARTE TV came back to Berlin for filming of a documentary on the avant-garde Korean composer Isang Yun. Yun was buried in Berlin after having spent most of his adult life in exile in West Germany. Following a forced detention for political reasons in South Korea during the 1960's, Yun never returned to his home country. After his recent rehabilitation in his home country, ARTE Korea commissioned a two person crew to document the ceremony marking the transfer of Yun's remains back to his hometown in Tongyeong.